Our Flock

Tiberius, JTS 1541.  Supreme Ram SW WA Fair, Champion Clark County and Reserve Champion WA State Fair 2016

Our flock blood lines began with natural colored ewes from Plum Tree and Walters and a ram from Schwider.  To move the flock forward, we have included Barnes, Kalina, Bullock, Silver Creek Lambscapes and JK Korral.  Our latest edition to improve our genetics comes from Southern Oregon Romneys with Colt, SOR 1194.

Our stud rams have included:

Rembrandt (Schwider 4149) – a natural colored buck who was our first Romney ram. He was a long time high producer for us. He sired many champions and returned many ewes to the flock.

Remington (JTS 421) – son of Rembrandt. Remington was the 2005 National Champion Best Fleeced NC Romney and he also sired some of our top quality rams and ewes and passed down his award winning dense fleece. Remington was retired in 2012.

Max (Bullock 0131) – a heavy boned natural colored Bullock ram. Max provided us with size and thickness. His son, “Scholders” (JTS 618) was the 2007 National Champion NC Ram. “Scholders” was owned by Maria Rooney, Silvercreek Lambscapes.

Sargeant (Barker 501) – our first white Romney ram. He was the 2005 Reserve National Champion. Sargeant earned retirement on the farm and passed away in September 2015.

Gunnar (Schwider 811) – the 2009 White National Champion. Gunnar produced for us for 3 years and gave us our first Supreme Champion ewe, JTS 1144.

Bear (Silver Creek F10-464) grandson of Max, a natural colored ram with thickness, bone and a great fleece, winning the Best of Show NC fleece at the 2015 Washington State Fair.

JTS 1616, Jackson

The current flock sires are:

White – Tiberius (JTS 1541) and Gibbs (JTS 1711)

Natural Colored – Bart (JTS 1714) and Springfield (JTS 1510) the 2015  National Reserve Champion NC Romney Ram and son of Bear.