Locker Lamb

We believe that our locker lambs are some of the best available and here are some of the reasons we believe so.

We start with Romney lambs born on our farm.

Romney lamb is mild in flavor with a smooth pleasing meat texture.

We feed only natural feeds we have blended locally to our specifications. While not certified organic, we do not add antibiotics or fillers. We feed only high quality grain blends of corn, oats and barley along with pasture grass, local grass and high quality alfalfa hays as roughage.

Our lambs roam the pasture and the hills which provides adequate exercise to develop the musculature for a more heavily muscled lamb.

Our butcher takes great care of the meat assuring that the product you receive is clean, cut to your desired specifications and vacuum packed to seal in the high quality goodness for an extended time.

Most of our business is from repeat customers that have purchased from us for years.

Our pricing is based on our costs and we always try to keep our prices as low as possible so our product is a good value.  Support the local farmer and remember…American lamb…10,000 miles fresher!

The price for 2020 is the same as the last several years and is charged by the hanging weight.  This gives the buyer a clear picture and understanding of the final cost for their lamb.  The price is $5.00 per pound hanging weight.  The processing, kill, cut and wrap (kcw), will be determined by the butcher and is charged separately.

Our lambs range between 100 and 140 pounds at time of processing which equates to about 50 to 70 pounds of meat.

If you are considering a lamb for your freezer this year, you may reserve anytime by May 31st.  Shortly after that we start marketing the excess lambs.  We also sell feeder lambs at about 8 – 12 weeks of age for you to raise if you prefer that option.  The price for feeder lambs will be a flat rate of $175 a head  through May 31 or until sold out.